Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Moonlight Snowshoe to Cervidae

Yes, its not cooking but.....every year for the last 8 years, I have hosted or been the Co-Host of the Moonlight to Cervidae Peak in the Boise Mountains. From its meager beginning of 3 people, Sean Duffy, John Platt and myself, its growth has reached close to 20 at times!
1st 2009
Some years its like you believe you are on a real big mountain, especially with the darkness and snow and frigid temps!

Old Glory

As the years accumulate so did the number of interested parties and friends who participated.
We have had all out blizzards and dry warmer moonlight nights. Some snow years
(like the first) were huge. Many a shot of our favorite adult beverage was toasted a top Cervidae on New Years Eve.


Daniel Platt
In 2011 we compiled rock band at the Sawtoothsean Bar (Post Climb). Guests included Rocker Daniel Platt, Sean Duffy on his axe and John Duffy (youngest to climb the New Year Eve Hike) on the Drums.

In 2014, Deb Rose and Steve Weston made the Wall of "O" on the University of Oregon Facebook Page!


In 2015, Steve was recovering from a Congested Liver and was not able to Summit with the rest of the gang. So, we snapped a quick pic with Art Troutner and John Platt.


Gentleman Jack and the Crew Splattski, with Splattski taking the Splattski! Fly me to the Moon....
Moonlight to Cervidae

In The Wild Chef- Out!

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