Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wilderness Restaurant

Please help yourself to an appetizer of Fried Naan Bread with a Spicy Hummus, paired with Honeydew Melon.
Dinner is served, the Chef has prepared a wonderful meal of Jaegerschnitzel with a Sour Cream Gravy on a bed of egg pasta.

For dessert we have Voo Doo Maple Bacon Bars….

Are you in a Restaurant or on a Trail Crew for the Idaho Trails Association? This is one example of an evening meal that featured high end dinning "high" into the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.

When most campers are eating freeze dried meals or ramen, our volunteers eat well. It’s part of the experience. We appreciate their hard work, taking time off from family and regular jobs to participate in a work vacation.

The ages for the cast of characters range from 14 to 60 and trail work is hard, really hard manual labor with felling timber, skinning logs and moving boulders.

The Idaho Trails Association has teamed up with an organization - Create Common Good. CCG as they are known, who use food to change lives and build healthy communities. Their foodservice job-training programs help people with barriers to employment achieve self-sufficiency by marrying their talents to the needs of the community. The food production business provides a sustainable model that supports our food training and educational programs.

They primarily use recipes from the Idaho Trails Head Chef Steve Weston. Straight from the cadre of recipes straight out of his Gourmet Snob Cookery Book, In The Wild Chef, they prepare in advance and Cryovac , freeze the food for transport and re-heating or cooking at base camp.

Hydration is important and Chef Steve and Katadyn helped deliver 10 Gallons of "on demand water" daily through gravity fed water filter Bags.

The next time you go to a nice restaurant, ask yourself, could they deliver this meal into the wilderness with their kitchen?

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Climb High and Eat Well Outdoors!

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