Friday, August 22, 2014

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2014

I was offered a great opportunity to work with two of my top clients at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014.

The plan was to launch OR (Day Zero) at Open Air Demo with my number one, Primus. The mission was to cook 500 four ounce samples of an easy backpacking recipe from my book all while showing off the new two burner camp cook stoves for Primus.

The planning for this event was like pinning a tac on a rodeo bull. Its 1000 no 500? Which county do we need to get a food handler license and temporary food booth permit.?We are going with 500 and when those samples are gone, they are gone.

Curried Salmon Pilaf, a recipe from my book was going to be served at Pineveiw reservoir in Utah. The weather, not cooperating, the wind and rain came on with full force early mid-morning. While cooking with one hand, we also needed to hold the tent down with our other hand. On an interesting note we were cooking on the new Radiant two burner stove and they were on for the entire Open Air Demo, through the rain and wind.

Here they come, not expecting to be seeing Primus showing off their product in use, the ETA Lite Stoves hung like Chinese Lanterns and two guys shoving a good helping of rice in their face. Many smiles and “That’s good, I didn’t expect it to be… “I don’t even like curry but this is good” was released many times from the mouths of the buyers and vendors.

Many positive comments later and the weather improving the food is moving and the day is moving on to the finish. A wonderful day with my Primus Family which included Lars-Ola, Per and Eric all from Sweden. The Mad Scientist Bob Boland invented a wonderful Open Air Demo!

Day One, no cooking today just marketing of the book and networking. Got to visit with Dean Lords. The Day one brought us a fiesta party with our other family Katadyn, featuring a Mariachi band and samples of their new product “Alpine Aire Freeze Dried Guacamole”. Additional highlight of this party was meeting Idaho Climbing Legend pioneer Ray Brooks, who is a sales rep for Katadyn.



Day Two- One of those cool moments happened when I was able to meet Melissa Arnot, giving her a copy of my book and a Primus ETA Lite Stove that she claims will be used the very next week on a backpacking trip in Colorado. We were photobombed by Hans Florine.. Ha Ha


Day Three- Excited to be doing a cooking Demo for Alpine Aire Foods of the Katadyn Family. Months ago I was experimenting with some of the Alpine Aire foods pouch foods with the goal of creating a more robust version of the meal experience. My first mark was Clam Chowder. Potato Cheddar Soup? Yep, perfect Clam Chowder base. Doing the demo at the Katadyn booth we felt like rock stars. We are graced by Wayne Gregory who recently sold his company, Gregory to Jansport.



Day Four- Farewell all, going home back to Idaho and we are tired. Car full of swag

Eat Well Outdoors!

In The Wild Chef.