Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life of an Outdoor Chef…

Life as an outdoor chef  is interesting, challenging and very rewarding. We can be called upon for any outdoor excursion that requires groups of people be fed (without available electricity).

Often time's it must be ferried on your backs. In Idaho, where I live and do several outings, most times of the year have fire restrictions so Propane or Iso-Butane is the fuel of choice.

Many a happy customer has praised my ability to feed them well. Let’s be honest, it’s not hard to get people to eat well outdoors and like it, everything taste better outdoors! If I believe all of the praise about my fare, I wouldn’t be able to get head in front door of my house!

There is a truth about the quality being better than the most common ways of nutrition in the backcountry. I have been an “anti” freeze dried food person up until I met a fellow Author (online) and collaborated with a Manufacturer of freeze dried food.

What I learned is the food that is dehydrated or freeze dried can be good, void of chemicals and robust amounts of calories. They have their place and I am a cheerleader for their cause now. Eliminate MSG and higher than needed amounts of sodium and have a strong amount of calories, we all can benefit.

Now the craze is gourmet camp cooking… “You too can be a Camp Gourmet” the Backpacker Magazine articles state. Well these high caliber cooks have been around for years and versions of quality outdoor cooking reside in River Rafting guided tours, Hunt Camps and general Car Camping.  These, in my opinion are some of the best outdoor chefs in the world.

This year  I was lucky enough to travel to Sweden for a product development meeting for Primus, wow, what a treat. Again, talk about
the rewards! 

Imagine Advance Base Camp at Mt Everest, some very wealthy and eccentric clients of the guides have requested or demand high caliber food. So, where is your next adventure and where are you going eat?

I personally want to thank those who are keeping the dream alive:
Dan & Carrie Robbins
John & Julie Platt
Steve and Margo Mandella
John, Tamara and Dylan Fadgen
Ralph Shelton
Nick Karl
Mike Fox
Tom Cox
Tom Lopez
IdahoSummits Outing Participants (Several great folks)

Bob Boland-Boss
Primus Equipment

Shawn Hostetter-Other Boss
Katadyn North American Foods (Alpine Aire Foods)

Ian Scott
Sandra Budik
GSI Outdoors

Matt Eells- Just Bossy
Slade Weston
Camp Chef

* Photos by Nick Karl, Tom Cox and Steve Weston
Eat Well Outdoors!