Saturday, October 27, 2012

Primus Firehole 300

Houston we have lift off!

Dude, seriously! The Firehole 300 aint your Grandpas camp stove. I think to myself “WOW!” Could they have put more features on a stove?

Outdoor cooking has really evolved. Glamping and aggressive car camping have created high performance needs for the discriminating backcountry chef. Outdoor gourmet cooking has advanced to alien like designs and rocket ship performance.

You get back to base camp from 8 hours of grueling mountaineering or hiking, and you want easy. “Please can I just turn it on and have it do the cooking for me?” The rest of your gang is looking to you to pull a meal out of your hat. It’s dark and we are using headlamps, “wait this thing has two lights” That was like hitting the easy button.

Let’s see, where did I put the cooking utensils? Of course, a nice little set is stuck to the back of the stove with magnets. Throw on a couple 3 liter pots and get that Salmon Pesto pasta cooking. Well that took all of about 10 minutes; let’s boil some water for beverages.

It seems like it took longer to eat the food than it did to cook it. Heat water for clean up and we are done.

The Firehole 300 is intuitive. It knows what we need and when.

Thank you Primus