Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Throw down for the “Best Backcountry Chef”

Throw down for the “Best Backcountry Chef” cook-off

While lurking around on Twitter, Sarah Simon say’s, let’s have a backcountry cook off. She started talking smack and very quickly throws this down “hahahaha! Watch out, I've got this guy In The Wild Chef in my corner of the ring! He's got a wicked rice pilaf recipe!” 

Mountaineers Books "Well, we have Langdon Cook and U author Amy Pennington in ours, so it's ON!"

In The Wild Chef suggested we do the wilderness cook-off in the Cascades and raise money for charity.

Suggestion's of the criteria:
  • Must be prepared outdoors, cooked on a ISO-Butane type of stove. 
  • Originality
  • Presentation
  • Camp friendly - ease of eating and clean up
  • TASTE!

Let's get this thing going. Also looking suggestions for the beneficiary of the proceeds from the event. All opinions will be received and some might even be used.