Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Day Dreaming

I have been married nearly 27 years. My wife, my champion and the mother of my children doesn’t  really like to go camping or hiking. Most of the rest of my family and friends do like the great outdoors.

Stories of getting your special valentine a blender or some candy she doesn’t really like, fills my head.
I am a romantic; everybody knows that who knows me. I have been guilty of the above acts but recover well because I can turn on the charm or she just forgives me because she is sweet.

I have something planned this year that is pretty cool.  I would like to get outside in some nice deep well consolidated snow, where I could set up a great winter camp. I would carry 3 sleeping bags to keep her warm; packing everything on my back like the Sherpa I am.

Capping it off,  I would be making her heart shaped pancakes with butter infused maple syrup wrapped around sausage links for breakfast. Making certain she had a large mocha injected with peppermint schnapps.

Where I'd certainly loose her interest.... I would want to put on the cross country skis and go for a long jaunt. We would come back to camp build a nice warm fire and whip up some Shrimp Tacos and some Lemon Zip for dessert. I would clean everything and blend up some White Russian’s and dance to Saturday Night Fever all night long.

Rock On!