Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Taste of Idaho

So, I am blessed to have good friends, great community etc...

The 2nd Annual Nampa's Taste of Idaho, presented by St Luke's was another wonderful evening. As with the inaugural year, celebrating the harvest brought the community together.

Photo by Amy Bowman
One of my friends most recently used a phrase, Thanks seems so insufficient. Yes,
Dustan Bristol & Robert Sauntman of Brick 29 and Randy King, Michael Zeller & Roberto Roman of Simplot Culinary and Slade Weston of Wild Chef Expeditions ...You guys ROCK!
Dustan Bristol - Photo by Chris Bronson IPT
Mike Zeller - Photo by Chris Bronson IPT
Randy King Left, Slade Weston Middle and Steve Weston right - Photo by Amy Bowman
We fed close to 350 in Lakeview Park in Nampa Idaho. I was the Architect of the menu and Dustan the Meat and Au Gratins. Agri-beef and Simplot were the main in kind Food Sponsors and they really stepped up! Saint Alphonsus for the Salad and Symms Fruit Ranch for the those beautiful peaches and Huston Vineyards for their wonderful Riesling (to give those peaches a bath in)

Grilling Peaches - Photo by Chris Bronson IPT

Photo by Steve Weston
Thank you to Agri-Beef and Simplot who were our food partners.

Thank you to our event sponsors:
The Georgia Touch, Saltzer Medical Group, Saint Alphonsus, Symms Fruit Ranch, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Idaho Central Credit Union and Amalgamated Sugar.

And a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered.
The Nampa Chamber of Commerce ambassador team - you are super stars - and we couldn't have done this without you!

Nampa Chamber Ambassador Alan Jones - Photo by Chris Bronson IPT

Mike Wesley - Mother Earth Brewing

L to R Slade, Robert, Steve, Mike, Dustan, Randy, Roberto, 2nd Row Arturo, Josh Thompson

Gregg Alger - Huston Vineyards

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Eat Well Outdoors!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Idaho Trails Association - Antz Basin Boulder White Clouds

Hey Steve, you wanna go cook for a work trail party in the White Clouds for a week? Me - Uh yeah. So it was decided and on to menu planning with Jeff Halligan, Executive Director of the Idaho Trail Association (ITA).

The menu has to knock em down, shock and awe. One evening we are going to do Swedish Meatballs and another, Fried Rice and Egg Roll S'mores (recipe compliments of Craig Smith). All the recipes are out of my book (or the new book) and they have been trail tested. Man these guys drink a lot of coffee.

The group that has volunteered are employees of the Idaho Conservation League led by one of the Advisory Board Members of the Idaho Trails Association, John McCarthy.

Did I mention they drink a lot of coffee? The role of a backcountry chef takes on a different look with each group dynamic. The certainty is, there must be filtered water at all times for the work party as the work is hard and they must stay hydrated. The food must have horsepower and sustain the calories lost. Fresh fruit and vegetables are more difficult. They don't keep fresh. So, carb loading like Pasta, Rice, Potatoes is the plan.

The new twist for me on this week long is I normally carry (with help) on my back to the destination. In this case we had heavy loads carried for us but some wonderful pack animals.

We had French Toast and Argentine Style Poblano Peppers and Potatoes for breakfast. Plenty of banter, a couple of nice desserts and nobody left hungry.

If you get a chance to volunteer for one of these work parties you wont regret it. It is a wonderful contribution to our backcountry and if it doesn't get done then the trails deteriorate and become impassable and wont be there for future generations.

The ITA Crew Leader was Clay Jacobson, who recently completed the Idaho Centennial Trail. Clay is passionate about what he does. http://www.idahostatesman.com/outdoors/playing-outdoors/article65572307.html

For more information on how you can volunteer, click here: Idaho Trails Association. It will be one of those things on your tick list you will want to check off.

Special Thanks to:

Jeff Halligan
Clay Jacobson
John McCarthy
Bryce Parker - US Forest Service Wilderness Ranger

And to my sponsors whom without their support, I wouldn't be successful and be able to do what I do.

GSI Outdoors
Camp Chef
Sierra Designs

Eat Well Outdoors!


Photo by John McCarthy

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reel Recovery

“Reel Recovery was founded in 2003 by a group of avid fly-fishers, inspired by their fishing buddy’s ongoing battle with brain cancer. Witnessing first-hand the beneficial impact fly-fishing provided their friend, they created Reel Recovery to provide the same opportunity for other men battling the disease. Combining expert fly-fishing instruction with directed “courageous conversations”, the organization provides men with all forms of cancer a unique opportunity to share their stories, learn a new skill, form lasting friendships and gain renewed hope as they confront the challenges of cancer”.

I was very fortunate to be able to help these folks out and the Mackay Idaho Retreat in July of 2015. I was honored to cook for the fishing buddies and help out where I could. Having seen my Dad fight (and lose) a long battle with Bladder Cancer for 25 years and losing my father in law to the deadly disease made me curious as to what they were feeling.

I learned that the most common complaint about friends and loved ones is some of them, and in some cases all of them fade away from the person living with cancer. I heard that they felt treated like they had communicable disease. Their friends didn’t understand it or didn’t want to be around it.

Listening to these courageous men put a punch to my gut. Is society mostly walking away from it and not giving their support? It breaks your heart. I felt so small like any of my troubles could compare to the emotional trauma caused by abandonment these men are feeling.

I know, my blog is about camp food, and there was food like that prepared at this retreat. I didn’t see it coming, I felt good initially about going and helping and came home humbled, saddened by the stories of loneliness and battles lost. Also there is a ton of positives, the Reel Recovery organization is incredible. The day we left for our different places of abode was warm and joyful but also full of tears. I for one plan on not taking for granted that people living with cancer. I am going to be there even if it’s a small amount of my life.

Cancer Sucks!

Be Well and Fish On!