Monday, September 24, 2012

The Primus Njord and his many friends

While on a backpacking/mountaineering trip to the Sawtooths in Idaho, I was tasked with cooking for 13 people. No easy feat with having to consider 35 pounds of food and what stoves and cookware we can pack on our backs.

Primus Njord 2 Burner Backpacking stove
Primus ETA Power
Primus EAT Solo
Primus Power Gas, 3- 450 gram canisters
1 GSI Medium Bugaboo Base Camper
GSI Pivot tools
GSI Kitchen 23

The ETA solo provides the quick heated water for coffee or tea and hot cocoa. The ETA Power EF is a good extra burner with 2.1 liter of cooking space.

Allow me to introduce the Prince making his debut to the majestic Idaho Mountains. My first time using the stove on a trip like this

The Primus Njord, 4 lbs of pure glory for a backcountry cook! The first night I threw on a couple of 3 liter pots and cooked up some Salmon Pesto Linguini.

In the AM put a griddle on the Njord and fried up some trout from the previous nights catch at Hell Roaring Lake. Oh my, nothing like fresh fish in the morning

After a tough day climbing up to the Finger of Fate, we return tired and hungry taste buds anxious for Sausage Penne Pasta. The Njord once again impresses us with its power and efficiency @ 7400 ft above sea level.

It’s a different type of task to cook for this many people at any level of remoteness. I can see many applications for this stove for my cooking future.

Climb High and Rock On!

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