Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Wild Journey

In The Wild Chef Book Launch Party - September 8th 2012 @ Sierra Trading Post Meridian Idaho.

I am grateful for my family, my friends and the acquaintances in my life that came to help me celebrate the launch of my cookbook. A 3 year journey in which along the way I was fortunate to be introduced to Steven Siler, publisher of Smoke Alarm Media, a Rock Star Publisher, Chef, Firefighter, a Southern Gentleman.

The learning curve to be a cookbook author is hard, fast and furious, and that is just the warm up. Of course there is nothing to prepare you for this process, you just have to jump in and hold on. It’s like taking a really fast ride in a jeep down a mountain road, moments of exhilaration and smashing your head against the dash and ceiling.

Minutes before the launch party the "rumor" is my book still might arrive. The night before, we learned that my books would not arrive until Monday (2 days late). Steven had made "sample books" and offered a gift card to the people that showed up expecting to buy a book and have me sign it.

The emotional rollercoaster peaked when several characters from Idaho's Mountain Climbing Community arrived. (I named recipes after several of them and others when it was appropriate to do so) "Wow! this is really happening!" I really have great family and friends. These are my peeps, my network. They are not outwardly disappointed that the book wasn’t there , they had came to celebrate this journey with me.

All who arrived received our In The Wild Chef t-shirt. It was exciting to witness a sea of Pistachio Green t-shirts with "Get a Little Wild in the Woods" logos flying around Sierra Trading Post.

I have a phrase, one I say frequently to my immediate family, "Nobody loves you more than me".
I would like to leave you with a slightly modified version of that~

Nobody loves and appreciates your support of my cookbook journey more than me!

Thank you to all!

Rock On

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