Monday, September 3, 2012

. . .  Extreme 11” Wok
Premium wok for the camping gourmet
I was excited to try out my new “Extreme Wok” from GSI Outdoors. I cook for groups of people outdoors both at the Trailhead and the Trail so on this day, I wanted to change things up a bit.

The first meal I cooked with my new toy was Sweet and Sour Chicken. I doused the wok with peanut oil and fired up the backpacking stove. Around the camp nobody has any interest in what I am doing until I hit the heated oil with garlic and chicken and then “…Whoa, what do you have going on there, Chef?”

I cooked the raw chicken for about 2 minutes and then pushed the chicken up on the walls of the wok. Now time for the veggie to take a jump into the bottom of the pool.  Lovin’ the sizzlin’. A crowd was forming around my kitchen domain and these people looked hungry! The veggies took just a minute to perfection. I then poured Sweet and Sour sauce (that I had made at home) over all the goodies and cooked it for one minute.

Now, I was a Toughguy Soldier in a former life, but I felt afraid for my person as the camp participants looked like they are going to mug me. Kind of like the meat handler at the Big Cat enclosure.I served up rice (previously cooked…a lifesaver when camping) on my GSI Medium Base Camper onto the plates and spooned the Sweet and Sour Chicken over everything. Yup, it WAS like watching feeding time at the Big Cat enclosure! The gang devoured it!

Seriously, I am really looking forward to using my Extreme Wok on future outings. Stir-fried veggies and meats are fun when you are cooking in the backcountry. And woks are probably one of the most versatile cooking pans. This is a wonderful tool and will be used frequently by me.
Rock on!

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