Friday, October 23, 2015

Backcountry Cooking Tips


1. Go Fresh

Fresh herbs like basil, rose­mary, and pars­ley can last for days in your pack. Layer herbs between paper tow­els and store in an Ziploc bag. Add to your meal a basil leaf for a refresh­ing taste.

2. Get Cheese

Stock up on high-quality hard cheeses like parme­san or romano, which can go unre­frig­er­ated for extended peri­ods of time. Brie does well on the trail and you can eat with crack­ers or spread over pancakes for a savory breakfast

3. Trust the Pros

If you don’t have the tools to dehy­drate your own meals, or don’t trust your cook­ing to keep you sat­is­fied, try jazz­ing up ready-made meals. Re-package boxed pas­tas with addi­tional freeze-dried veg­gies and salami for a reliable and delicious

4. Real Eggs

Organic eggs from pas­tured chick­ens are safe at room tem­per­a­ture for a few days. Invest in a three-dollar egg car­rier and for­get about pow­dered egg omelets. Just make sure you trust the farm where the eggs are com­ing from, some organic sources are still sus­cep­ti­ble to salmonella.

5. Indulge

Do you secretly love pack­aged moon pies and kit kats? Pack ‘em. You’ll be thank­ful for old favorites out on the trail. Just make sure to bal­ance treats with high-protein, whole-grain meals to avoid burn­ing out.

Eat Well Outdoors!


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